Inspiration Daisies: Ring Round the Rosettes

I may have squealed out loud, just a little bit, when I discovered Simplicity 2599! Fabric ideas? Chuck's top has a texture to it, a wool crepe perhaps? Or maybe even a heavier weight knit. Either way, the fabric is going to need enough body to give some nice dimension to the rosettes. 

I wanted to post this on Polyvore, but until I sort out using my own images (how annoying to have to search the web and steal images I already have off someone else's website) photoshop collage it is!

As far as accessories, I was stumped as to what to add to all of that yellow without adding even MORE yellow - until I found these ballet flats, with buttons! Chuck wouldn't have been able to resist a fantastic pair of shoes & a reminder of Dad's nickname for her. Finish off the casual ensemble with a classic Birkin style handbag (I love the silhouette but not the price tag of a genuine Hermes ;) and a honeycomb patterned silk scarf to cover your locks.


rowsella said...

I have to know where to find those blue shoes and handbag. Please?

sorbetsurprise said...

Wow that pattern is a deadringer for that top!

Pie Ho Barbara said...

The shoes are Seychelles Petticoat in navy.
The handbag is a Hermes Birkin, and it's pretty easy to find knockoffs in almost every color imaginable - those seem to be in the $150-$200 range (!)
But if you want something similar for a reasonable price I suggest doing a search for 'padlock handbag'. I have a rather nice version that I found on ebay for $50.

angie.a said...

The only pair of Seychelles I have bought were horribly uncomfortablea nd really short in the toe box. It's put me off buying more.

But those are some dang darling shoes.

ADORABLE. The honeycomb scarf is perfect!