A Faint Glimmer of Hope

Pushing Daisies fans should probably know better by now than to get too excited about seeing our beloved series alive agained in any way shape or form. But for a show that has been cancelled going on five years, it does have a habit of popping up in the media now and then. 
I've never seen a bit of Veronica Mars, but I HAVE heard the buzz about the rather successful kickstarter campaign to get a movie made. And now this... Do we dare hope?! Would you donate money to help fund a PD film? 

Sewing Serendipity

I have this sort of mental list of fabrics that I search for every so often, and remarkably I stumbled across the most amazing four yards of vintage taffeta on etsy the other day!

Oh yes I did buy it - are you all thinking what I'm thinking?! 

Broadway Babies

Greetings Pie Lovers!  Strawberry filled tartlets for all in apologies for our long absence...

Now for some BIG BIG NEWS.  Our beloveds may be headed for Broadway !!!

Just warning you, if this happens there will be MAYHEM and CHAOS and much PIE FILLED BLISS round these parts here.

Also, the Pie Ho's (Barb and Ang) are SO DEFINITELY GOING TO BE THERE, you better believe it!  We'll be on that show like Bees on Honey!

In honor of this fabulous scrap of maybe, possibly, might just gonna happen (please blessed Mary and all that is holy), news...who's up for a Chuck-inspired sew/thrift along?  I was thinking we could tackle it one outfit at a time...Pie Ho Barb or I will throw out a gorgeous Chuck ensemble, and you are free to come up with your interpretations!

Something like one of these, perhaps, to start...

What say you Piehole Worker Bees?

Pi Day

My Happy Pi Day wishes are a bit late, but I only just stumbled across this wonderful apple pie baked in honor of the more numerical than edible holiday.

More photos and how-to at A Periodic Table

Inspiration Daisies: Ring Round the Rosettes

I may have squealed out loud, just a little bit, when I discovered Simplicity 2599! Fabric ideas? Chuck's top has a texture to it, a wool crepe perhaps? Or maybe even a heavier weight knit. Either way, the fabric is going to need enough body to give some nice dimension to the rosettes. 

I wanted to post this on Polyvore, but until I sort out using my own images (how annoying to have to search the web and steal images I already have off someone else's website) photoshop collage it is!

As far as accessories, I was stumped as to what to add to all of that yellow without adding even MORE yellow - until I found these ballet flats, with buttons! Chuck wouldn't have been able to resist a fantastic pair of shoes & a reminder of Dad's nickname for her. Finish off the casual ensemble with a classic Birkin style handbag (I love the silhouette but not the price tag of a genuine Hermes ;) and a honeycomb patterned silk scarf to cover your locks.

The Honey House

No worries, Once Upon a Pie has not closed it's doors - things have just been rather busy for this pie ho! Hope to have some new outfit posts up soon, but in the mean time I had to share one of the Birthday gifts I just received from my best friend:
A bee lotion bar from Honey House Naturals. The packaging has me swooning; looks like it could have come straight from Betty's Bee's! 
On top of that, it smells lovely and feels divine. This stuff is going to save my hands this winter.